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Agreement with Mercedes Benz and M.T.U.

In agreement with the German industry, Mercedes Benz has launched the listed North Hellenic company, "Dromeas ABEEA", which will manufacture specialized molds and accessories for the German company within the next 4 years.

In this context, Dromeas will implement on behalf of Mercedes Benz, six castings of aluminum parts worth € 430,000, as well as cast aluminum parts, totaling € 5.5 million.

The molds will be built gradually by the end of 2005, at which point the production of components will begin. An analogous three-year agreement was also signed with the marine engine manufacturer, M.T.U., a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz, for the manufacture of mold and production of cast aluminum parts, worth 750,000 euro.

The management of Dromeas considers the above agreements very important, which in addition to the technological recognition of its infrastructure by Mercedes Benz, also prescribe the gradual expansion of the production of cast aluminum parts.

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